Is Digital Journalism the Best Source for News? (Bilal Demirtaş)

18 Aralık 2017 09:15

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The present generation is affected by digital journalism. This generation usually thinks online and like reaching news with easy way. For this reason, digital journalism is the most used news source. From the day digital journalism was established to today, it has developed a lot and the number of readers has increased considerably. In 2004, 24% of people would get news online and 56% of people used to read newspapers. Clearly, there was high cliff between each other. But according to 2010 research, 34% of people got news online and surprisingly 31% of people read the newspaper (Pew Research, June 8-28, 2010). According to the surveys, the reason why digital journalism is advantageous against printed journalism is that digital journalism is more useful than print journalism and free (Pew Research, June 8-28, 2010). Now, despite there is a new way to reach the news, people are spending time more than previous for reading the news. The time spent reading the news increased by 4.47% (Pew Research, June 8-28, 2010). Digital journalism makes easier to read the news and there is also a good point that now we have a lot of sources. Wouldn’t that make it hard for people to get the right news?

Anand Vaishnavl is a writer for The Times of India and also an educational consultant. Vaishnavl describes the benefits of digital journalism, the new type of journalism, in his article “Print vs digital: A new kind of journalist has arrived.” Vaishnavl notes that digital journalism has opened a new era for quick news. With this feature, digital journalism left behind the print journalism and Vaishnav says that digital journalism draws readers near quickly (Vaishnavl, Anand, ’’Print vs Digital: A new kind of journalist has arrived’’). Digital journalism is a new area and it is developing rapidly. This new area has a lot of features that makes digital journalism readable. Writers of digital journalism are conscious about the attention of their readers. Digital news read on screen. From this point, brevity is important for digital presentation. The fact that digital news is short and legible allows readers to focus on the news. While planning and publishing their news, digital journalists use aesthetic content and this aspect is top significance for journalists. This multimedia is related to news and hooks the reader. In addition, a video about the news will help readers understand the story better. With print journalism, journalists have limited space to write. Therefore; space is not an issue for a digital journalist. In this respect, digital journalists can freely write their thoughts. Also producing digital news is easier and cheaper than print journalism. Print journalism is not the best tool to reach breaking news. All events that take place during the day can be transferred to the reader through digital journalism. This criterion directs the readers from print journalism to digital journalism. So, digital journalism, mistakes in a news or article is able to correct. There is no chance to correct the mistakes in print journalism.
Megan McArdlec is a Bloomberg View columnist. McArdle refers to some of the disadvantages of digital journalism in his article titled “Online Journalism Is Suffering Print Fate”. McArdle says digital journalism is very useful, but in some ways, it poses a threat to the right news and we cannot ignore it. (McArdle, Megan ’’Online Journalism is Suffering Print’s Fate’’). A lot of features make the digital journalism more useful. But if we look different side, we see some kind of features make digital journalism dangerous. After launched first digital journalism website, a lot of digital journalism websites revealed. People can reach all of those digital journalism websites and they can read them. All those websites have a different perspective, for this reason, we can read same news with the different perspective from the different website. This causes confusion and confuses people’s brain. Readers cannot decide which news source gives the right news. Moreover, a lot of sources of digital journalism spend reader’s time. So, it forces people to consume too much time to access true news. The difficulty of access true news occurs directly proportional increasing with sources of digital journalism. There are a lot of fake news are wondering on the internet. Moreover, there is not an establish which evaluates that news. Digital journalism is more available for this fake news than print journalism. In the printing phase of print journalism, all news evaluates about some criteria. This phase makes news more trustworthy to read.
In conclusion, both articles state that digital journalism is useful. In the first article, besides the benefits of digital journalism, the second article brings a different perspective about digital journalism. McArdlec tells us in his article that digital journalism should use consciously. Vaishnav conveys that digital journalism is better than printed journalism in every way. Digital journalism is the best source of news, but it also contains some of the dangers. The following conclusions can be drawn from both articles: If we use digital journalism consciously, there is no danger for us. Moreover, it will be a source of indispensable news for us. People refer digital journalism because of its handy usage. But we have to consider that digital journalism caused to reveal a lot of sources of news and this also caused to reveal chaos. Now, we need to struggle too much to find accurate news in all of those sources. This means, digital journalism is useful, everybody agrees with this idea, but also, it is dangerous if not used correctly. We don’t ignore this. My opinion, now, we should spend more time to reach the accurate news. We don’t decide accuracy of news without looking different sources. If we use digital journalism correctly, it will be safer for us.

Bilal Demirtaş

İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi / İnşaat Mühendisliği




Vaishnavl, Anand. (2013). ’’Print vs Digital: A new kind of journalist has arrived.’’, NP, The Times of India.

Mcardle, Megan. (2014)’’Online Journalism is Suffering Print’s Fate.’’, NP, Bloomberg.

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